Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Feasibility Study and the Future of Carlynton

The informatin below is posted at the request of a member of the community. I do not personally agree with this movement nor with building new facilities at this time.

In my opinion, the first step before taking either of those paths should be to conduct a study on whether it would be more beneficial for the education of the students to consider merger with another school district or to consider disbanding Carlynton and merging the 3 communities into different school districts. The school board has chosen to ignore this possibility, although their own data show declining enrollment in the district.

There are several adjoining school districts with declining enrollment, just like Carlynton. Rather than undertake new construction or an update of existing structures, both of which will put the district back into debt and likely lead to an increase in taxes, merger with another district or districts will likely lead to a decrease in taxes and and possibly an increase in student performance. As well, ALL the adjacent districts provide more academic and enrichment programs than Carlynton. There will be more opportunities for our children.

The school district and parents should first assess the feasibility of the long term viability of Carlynton, one of the smallest school district in the county but with one of the highest tax rates. Only after that is done should the district determine its next move.

The following is information that I was asked to post:


If you are a current Carlynton resident and you do not want Crafton and Carnegie Elementary schools closed, Please use one of the links below (or all) to make your voice heard!

Carlynton SOS Website
Sign the Petition
Facebook page


Steve Finnell said...

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Mike said...

If the bigots of Crafton cant accept this type of merger, how do you know that the other districts would accept crafton or carnegie students? You preach about transperencie but all of your links do not allow for support of the elementary school merger!

Carlynton Facilities said...


Thank you for your comment.

I do not know who "you" is in your post. Are you refering to me?

I have not "preached" anything. I stated my opinion about how the school board should proceed in assessing the options for creating the best educational environment for our children in a cost-effective manner.

Would other districts accept Carnegie or Crafton students? That can only be answered by engaging in discussions with those school districts, an option that the school board did not even consider.Thus, fromthe start theschool baord eliminated a possible better option for our children (and tax payers).

The links that were posted were done so at the request of the persons hosting those sites (as noted). No one else, including yourself, requested that I post a link to other sites representing other sides of the discussions.

Finally, please refrain from name calling. It is divisive and inappropriate. Should you do so again, your comments will be removed.

This forum is for true discussions/interactions to permit for open dialog that may lead to the best options for our communities. Anything contrary to that is inappropriate.