Thursday, February 5, 2009

The winds of merger are being blown about by the PA Governor

Governor Ed Rendell, D., is talking about school district mergers. Humm....

What is the feeling about a merger with the Carlynton School District? Would a merger discussion be something you'd welcome and entertain? Or, not?

What directions and pathwaay should be some of the first steps on the merger journey? Would it make better sense to merger with: Montour, or else Keystone Oak, or else Pittsburgh Public Schools, or else another, or else all, or else none.

Think about it and post in the comments.

In southern states, they often have school districts the size of an entire county. One public school district for everyone in the county. Wow. That's big when looking at Allegheny County and all the various school districts.

Another more creative way to manage the merger of school districts is to have districts for K-8 grades and then larger, merged districts for high school and adult / night school grades. Face it, most schools can work for elementary and middle school aged kids. But the more specialized education and extra activities for high school students gets more of a challenge to deliver -- and parents are often less capable of teaching advanced courses to the high-school aged students.

So, perhaps there could be K-8 districts and larger, high school districts.

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