Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sports, Lies and Videotapes

At the August 21st school board meeting, Carlynton school board directors agreed to circulate to the public and interested groups all proposed facilities use policy changes prior to any board discussion and vote.

But once again, without notice to the public, the board pushed through a new policy at the very next meeting on Sept. 4.

Once again, the administration told the public there was no scheduled vote on the policy and no publicly available documents for review prior to the meeting.

Once again the board ignored the public's previous input on what would be best for the kids.

Once again, they misled the public about their intentions.

Once again, they slap outrageous rents to parent-run and funded sports clubs that go below 85% Carlynton residents or a $200/year fee to non-resident kids participating in those clubs, whichever is greater.

And once again, they patted themselves on the back for "being fair to the taxpayers".

Oh, and they exempted from the new policy their pet programs that have few if any Carlynton kids.

Apparently, use of facilities by resident sports programs without paying outrageous fees is unfair to district residents, but use of the same facilities by non-sports group for free is totally fair to everyone.

That's the ill-logic of Brown, Schirippa, DiPietro, McCartney, Wolkowiak and Hughans.

Relive the entire assault on the democratic process perpetrated by Carlynton's own Gang of Six with the the only publicly available video of the events:

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