Sunday, August 24, 2008

Parents Speak Out En Mass

At the August 21, 2008 Carlynton School Board meeting, about 50 parents appeared to express their displeasure at the new policy and the directors who thrust it upon the public.

In Part 1 (, Director Sharon Wilson expresses her disappointment at the new policy and the negative impact it has had on the Carlynton Community already.

In Part 2 (, the directors discuss the policy. Some admit that the policy that they voted in favor for was not the policy they intended to impose on the people. They express an openness to revising some of the components.

In Part 3 (, angry parents express their displeasure with the directors and tell of the detrimental effect this policy has had on youth sports, including:

o disbanding of some programs
o increased fees for residents
o increased volunteer requirements for resident parents
o house sales falling through
o loss of business sponsorship for Carlynton clubs

In the end, the only thing the directors agreed to was to revoke the $100/quarter non-resident fee IF a group falls below 90% and must pay rent. They agreed to reconsider further amendments at a future meeting and allow the public time to comment on any proposed changes prior to any vote.

Finally, a piece of democracy in action!

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